Together at
one table.

Break bread, Share a glass, 

Give thanks, Help others ...

Sunday Supper Video

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Durham is incredible and a wonderful place to live and work !

Yet according to Catholic Charities, each year the 

City of Durham faces a one-million-pound shortage of food meant to serve the food insecure population.

Join us Sunday, April 29th in support of the Catholic Charities planned

 $1.7 million Durham Community Food Pantry and End Hunger Durham 

to address food insecurity in the community. 


A meal featuring selections from some of the best of local Durham vendors is planned along with live music and a community table that will seat 750 people.

Get a seat at the table - meet new friends - enjoy fantastic local food and drink -  hear great music  

Sunday April 29th 

American Tobacco Campus Amphitheatre
Noon until 3:00 pm

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About Us

Breaking bread, connecting people

 These are difficult times. We look around and see conflict. Rancor. Catastrophes both natural and man-made. BUT... 


When people come together, at one table, to break bread, give thanks and help neighbors in need, something wondrus happens: unity begins.

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The situation that spawned the movement



In  early October 2016, one of North Carolina’s most destructive hurricanes  tore into the eastern part of the state, causing catastrophic flooding  and over $1.5 billion in devastation.

At  the same time, our country and our state were thrust into an  acrimonious election cycle, causing rifts among friends, families,  churches and businesses.

We wanted to do something to help both situations. 

We found a way by creating The Sunday Supper.

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Join us on Sunday April 29th 

American Tobacco Campus Amphitheatre 

Noon until 3:00 pm

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American Tobacco Amphitheater

705 Willard St, Durham, NC, USA

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